Here are some other questions that you might be asking! Frequently, I bet!

Who came up with this game?

A guy by the name of Josh Skeen came up with the original idea. In the early 2000s, Andrew Macfarlane and Paul Duffell developed it further (establishing its current loose structure) and brought the game to cafes in Seattle.

Why is the game called Otherfoot?

Legend has it, “other foot” was simply the phrase on the card that came up when the Old Ones were deciding what to name the game.

Wait, so is it Otherfoot or Other foot?

We don’t speak of the Great Schism.

Who runs this site?

A guy by the name of John Appiah-Duffell. See John’s other projects on his main website.

Why play Otherfoot? Why can’t I just play Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples?

You should totally do whatever makes you happy! In case you’re curious, here are a few reasons some people prefer Otherfoot to similar (but commercially produced) games:

  • Similar to CAH or A2A, the fun in Otherfoot comes from human interaction and the unexpected pairings you come up with. But Otherfoot goes further by adding the creative element: anyone who’s played Otherfoot will tell you that winning the round isn’t nearly as satisfying as being the person who came up with the card that won.
  • It’s a totally different game every time you play!
  • Snapping together jokes from someone else’s prefab parts gets old after a while.
  • You learn a lot more about your friends’ senses of humor playing Otherfoot as opposed to games where you’re playing with a preconstructed deck.
  • Cards Against Humanity relies largely on the shock value of casual racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. Not only does that make for exceedingly lazy and boring “humor,” it’s also just shitty and purposelessly mean-spirited. This is not to say your Otherfoot cards have to be exclusively nice. You can literally write whatever you want. But you and your friends get to come up with your own boundaries and work from your own collective sense of humor; you don’t have to abide by some random person’s concept of “funny.”

Hey, this game is pretty great! Have you thought about selling it?

GTFO, seriously.